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Our Daisy Wheel™ is the cornerstone of our educational program.

Our Toolkit

Our ToolKit consists of resources you can download for free that support our Daisy Wheel™ educational tool.
Our Toolkit

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We owe our very existence to the generosity of so many. Thank You.
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The Daisy Wheel

The Daisy Wheel is an interactive, safe, & easy-to-use tool outlining the 8 steps necessary to do a breast self-exam.

The Daisy Wheel has traveled to
ALL 50 states & over 34 countries.
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Daisy Wheel Breast Self-Exam Tool From Get In Touch

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While we continue to work on educating all on the importance of breast health, here are some ways YOU can get involved in your community.

About Our Team

Each member of our team is committed to educating ALL on breast health and is working to spread our mission, globally. Together, we are educating, empowering, and inspiring. Hope Lives! xo

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The Daisy Wheel© has been distributed to over 700,000 people to date. With your help, we can reach millions more!

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